• January 8, 2024
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Can extreme cold affect garage my door?

Yes, winter can indeed affect your garage door, and it’s crucial to address potential issues before they become inconvenient or, worse, leave you stuck in the cold. With colder weeks on the horizon, we’ve been flooded with questions about tackling a common winter woe: “How do I stop my garage door from sticking in the winter?” It’s crucial to address potential garage door issues before they become inconvenient or, worse, leave you stuck in the cold. Through this post we aim to offer practical tips to prevent common problems ensuring your garage door operates seamlessly even in the coldest weather.

What can be done to prevent garage doors from sticking in winter?

Preventing your garage door from sticking in winter is all about proactive maintenance. Start by inspecting and lubricating the tracks, rollers, and hinges regularly. Cold weather can cause lubricants to harden, leading to jerky movements. Applying a silicone-based lubricant creates a smooth surface for your garage door to glide on. 

Additionally, check for any debris or ice accumulation around the edges of the door. Clearing these areas ensures unobstructed movement and prevents your door from getting stuck when you need it most.

How to safeguard the garage door opener from extreme cold?

Extreme cold can impact the performance of your garage door opener. To safeguard it, start by checking the batteries, as cold temperatures can drain their power faster. If your garage door isn’t responding correctly, consider disconnecting the opener and operating the door manually. If it moves smoothly, the opener may be struggling in the cold. Changing batteries is a simple fix, but for persistent issues, seek professional assistance from Mr Garage Doors to ensure your opener copes effectively with winter conditions.

Are there quick fixes for a heavy-feeling garage door in winter?

A garage door feeling unusually heavy during winter may signal issues with the springs. The cold makes springs brittle, leading to potential breakage. If you notice your door is harder to lift manually or hear popping noises, it’s time to call in the experts. Garage door springs involve high tension and can be dangerous to handle. Mr Garage Doors specializes in safely assessing and replacing springs, ensuring your garage door remains balanced and easy to operate even in the coldest temperatures.

How can I protect my garage door from winter weather damage?

Winter weather brings not only cold temperatures but also snow, ice, and moisture. To protect your garage door, make sure weather stripping is intact and seals any gaps around the door. This prevents cold air, snow, and water from infiltrating your garage. Additionally, consider applying a layer of protective wax or sealant to your garage door, creating a barrier against harsh winter elements. Regularly inspect and address any signs of wear or damage to ensure your garage door is well-protected throughout the winter season.

As you prepare for winter, make sure your garage door is ready to face the chill with these simple tips. For professional guidance, repairs, or maintenance, trust Mr Garage Doors – Western Canada’s top garage door service providers. 

Serving Calgary, Winnipeg, and Edmonton, we are committed to ensuring your garage door operates seamlessly through the winter months. Call 866-536-0301 for a consultation and secure the reliability of your garage door with Mr Garage Doors. Enjoy a hassle-free winter with a garage door that’s well-prepared for the challenges ahead.

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