• September 19, 2023
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When it comes to home security, ensuring the safety of your garage is just as important as protecting the rest of your property. Garage door security plays a crucial role in safeguarding your home against potential break-ins and unauthorized access. To make informed choices about enhancing garage door security, it’s essential to understand the options available.


What are the best doors for garage door security?

Choosing the right door to ensure garage door security is crucial for safeguarding your home. Here are some options to consider:

  • Steel doors: Steel garage doors are exceptionally strong and resistant to forced entry. They provide a high level of security and durability.
  • Solid wood doors: Solid wood doors are robust and can be customized for security. Choose a hardwood like oak for added strength.
  • Fiberglass doors: Fiberglass doors are lightweight, low-maintenance, and offer good insulation. Look for models designed with security features.
  • Composite doors: Composite doors combine wood, steel, and other materials for enhanced security and durability.
  • Rolling steel doors: These doors are commonly used in commercial settings but can also be installed in residential garages. They are strong and provide excellent security.
  • Insulated doors: Consider doors with insulation for added energy efficiency and security. They help regulate temperature and provide an additional layer of protection.
  • Custom doors: If security is a top priority, opt for custom-made garage doors designed with reinforced materials and security features to meet your specific needs.


How do you burglar-proof a garage door?

Securing your garage door is essential to protect your home and belongings. Here are some effective ways to burglar-proof your garage door:

  • Upgrade to a stronger door: The first step in improving garage door security is to invest in a solid and sturdy garage door. Choose a door made of durable materials like steel or solid wood. Reinforce the door’s construction to withstand forced entry.
  • Install a deadbolt lock: Add a deadbolt lock to your garage door for extra security. This secondary lock provides an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access.
  • Use smart locks: Consider installing a smart lock system that allows you to control and monitor your garage door remotely using a mobile app. You can receive alerts and grant access only to trusted individuals.
  • Secure windows: If your garage door has windows, reinforce them with shatter-resistant film or install security bars. This prevents intruders from easily breaking the glass to access the garage.
  • Motion-activated lighting: Install motion-activated lighting around the garage area. Well-lit surroundings deter burglars and improve overall security.
  • Garage door opener security: Ensure your garage door opener is secure. Change the default access code and keep the opener remote out of sight in your car. Consider upgrading to a rolling code opener, which changes the access code with each use.
  • Regular maintenance: Keep your garage door in good working condition. Regular maintenance ensures that it functions correctly and that there are no weak points in the security.
  • Frost or cover windows: If you have windows in your garage door, consider frosting or covering them to prevent outsiders from seeing inside and assessing your belongings.
  • Secure emergency release: The emergency release cord on the garage door opener can be a vulnerability. Secure it with a zip tie or a product designed for this purpose to prevent it from being pulled by an intruder.


Do garage door defenders work?

Garage door defenders, also known as garage door locks or security bars, can be effective in enhancing garage door security. These devices are designed to physically reinforce the garage door, making it more difficult for burglars to force it open. When properly installed and used, garage door defenders can work as a deterrent and provide an extra layer of protection. 

However, their effectiveness may vary depending on the quality of the device and how well it is secured. It’s essential to choose a high-quality defender and follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions for the best results.


Why do people leave their garage doors halfway open?

Leaving a garage door partially open, especially in residential areas, can serve various purposes:

  • Ventilation: Some people leave their garage doors partially open to allow fresh air to circulate, reducing the risk of mould or odours in the garage.
  • Privacy: Partially opening the garage door can provide a level of privacy while still allowing some natural light into the space.
  • Security concerns: In some cases, homeowners might leave the garage door partially open to signal to potential intruders that the garage is empty or to prevent damage to the door in high winds.

However, it’s important to note that leaving a garage door partially open can compromise garage door security, as it may provide easier access for burglars.


Are automatic garage doors secure?

Automatic garage doors can be secure, but their level of security depends on several factors, including the type of door, the quality of the opener, and the security features in place. Here are some considerations for automatic garage door security:

  • Opener security: Ensure that your garage door opener has rolling code technology or other advanced security features. This prevents unauthorized access by changing the access code each time the door is used.
  • Remote control: Keep garage door opener remotes secure. Don’t leave them in your car where they can be easily stolen.
  • Regular maintenance: Maintain your automatic garage door system, including checking for vulnerabilities in the door’s operation.
  • Smart security: Consider adding smart security features to your garage door, such as smartphone-controlled access and surveillance cameras.


How do I secure my garage door when on vacation?

Securing your garage door when on vacation is essential to protect your home. By taking these precautions, you can help protect your home while you’re away on vacation, enhancing your garage door security. 

  • Lock the door: Use a manual lock or a garage door defender to physically secure the door.
  • Disconnect the opener: Disable the automatic opener to prevent remote access.
  • Smart security: If you have smart garage door technology, use a smartphone app to monitor and control the door remotely.
  • Lights and timers: Install motion-activated lights and timers to give the appearance of activity in the garage.
  • Notify neighbors: Inform trusted neighbours or friends about your vacation plans, so they can keep an eye on your property.
  • Secure garage windows: If your garage has windows, ensure they are not easily tampered with or covered for added security.

Your home’s security starts at the garage door, and making the right choices is paramount. Whether it’s opting for robust materials like steel, solid wood, or smart locks and motion-activated lighting, prioritizing garage door security is a smart move. For residents in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, or Kamloops, remember that Mr. Garage Doors is your trusted partner in garage door security solutions. Secure your home effectively and confidently with expert guidance from professionals who care about your safety.

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